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Somebody’s Gotta Do It

Taking out the trash. <frowns> Changing a poopy diaper. <gags> Cleaning public restrooms. <faints> They're all dirty  jobs and yes, someone has to do them. But, let me enlighten you.... Dirty jobs are much easier when you're looking fresh in Wicca's Wardrobe. And she's done it again. Not once, but twice...! Currently @ Black Fair,… Continue reading Somebody’s Gotta Do It

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I Just Wanted A Burger

1993. The year a profound movie was released. Well, profound for me, anyway. Falling Down, starring Michael Douglas, depicts a man who has, well...lost his marbles. My favorite scene is when he walks into a fast food joint toting a bag full of guns. He orders breakfast. The employees tell him that's impossible since they… Continue reading I Just Wanted A Burger


Letting Loose With Fashion For Change

Well, this is it! My last entry regarding Fashion For Change on the last day of a worthwhile event. It began with The Power of Love with Fashion For Change to The Wizard of Awe Loves Fashion For Change featuring Baboom. I then featured Lyrical Bizarre Templates by Being Kewpie With Fashion For Change and later announcing… Continue reading Letting Loose With Fashion For Change